ITPEC News 2016-06-09
ITPEC Top Gun Program 2016 finished successfully
Top Guns with IPA Chairman and other IPA staff

The second ITPEC Top Gun Program was held in Tokyo, Japan for 10 days from 2016.Feb.22 through Mar.1.

This program is organized to nurture capable people who are to support the promotion activities of ITPEC Examination, jointly with the examination implementing body in each country.

Information-technology Promotion Agency Japan (hereinafter "IPA") invited 14 Top Guns to Japan from all the ITPEC member countries.

The criteria for a Top Gun are the following:
1) Achieve a top-class score of FE exam or AP exam in each country
2) Have a good command of English
3) Have good communication skills
4) Have a strong motivation to learn from the program
5) Have a willingness to contribute as ITPEC Ambassador after returning to each country

This 10-day program included a wide range of contents such as project management training, workshops and discussions with Japanese IT companies, and hands-on experience of cutting edge IT services and products of Japan.

On the final day, a Certificate of Appointment as ITPEC ambassador was given to each participant from Chairman of IPA, Dr. Tatsuo Tomita. It is expected that ITPEC ambassadors will play an important role in promotion of ITPEC activities and relationship-building between respective countries and Japan.

Participants of the Top Gun Program 2016;

  • Mr. Melvin Reyes Matulac (Philippines)
  • Mr. Rafael Napoles Reyes (Philippines)
  • Mr. Antonio Jr. Sorila Telimban (Philippines)
  • Mr. Peerasak Wangsom (Thailand)
  • Mr. Kittipong Yothaithiang (Thailand)
  • Mr. Hieu Quang Le (Vietnam)
  • Mr. Thanh Ha Nguyen (Vietnam)
  • Ms. Nay Yi (Myanmar)
  • Mr. Aung Kaung Myat (Myanmar)
  • Mr. Enkhbayar Erdenechuluun (Mongolia)
  • Mr. Deleg Dolgorsuren (Mongolia)
  • Mr. Ahamed Al Nahian (Bangladesh)
  • Mr. Md. Rafiqul Islam Rabin (Bangladesh)
  • Ms. Quorinna Korish Azahari (Malaysia)
Project Management Training
Discussion with the Japanese IT companies
Cutting-edge technologies of Japanese IT Companies
Museums tour for Japanese culture and technology
Presentation by the participants
Tokyo city walking tour
For more information, please download the PDF file below.
ITPEC Top Gun Program 2016 Report <12.2 MB>
Interviews of the Participants
Mr. Antonio Jr. Sorila Telimban from Philippines
Mr. Rafael Napoles Reyes from Philippines
Mr. Melvin Reyes Matulac from Philippines
Mr. Peerasak Wangsom from Thailand
Mr. Kittipong Yothaithiang from Thailand
Mr. Thanh Ha Nguyen from Vietnam
Mr. Hieu Quang Le from Vietnam
Ms. Nay Yi from Myanmar
Mr. Aung Kaung Myat from Myanmar
Ms. Quorinna Korish Azahari from Malaysia
Mr. Deleg Dolgorsuren from Mongolia
Mr. Enkhbayar Erdenechuluun from Mongolia
Mr. Md. Rafiqul Islam Rabin from Bangladesh
Mr. Ahamed Al Nahian from Bangladesh