Utilization of Examination
82.1% of Japanese IT Vendors are utilizing the Examination
Since Information Technology Engineers Examination (ITEE)* has launched in 1969, the total number of applicants have exceeded 20 million, and around 2.9 million have been certified in Japan until 2018. Currently, ITEE has about 500,000 applicants per year.

According to IPA, about 82.1% of IT vendor companies are utilizing ITEE as IT human resource development tool, and 40.8% of user companies are also utilizing ITEE in Japan in 2018.
Many companies are offering one-time bonus or incentives to the examination passers.

ITEE is utilized not only in the private sector, but also in the public sector. Central and local governments of Japan impose the ITEE as one of the system procurement requirements.

* ITPEC Common Examination is equivalent to IP, FE and AP of ITEE
Utilization in Universities
Many universities in Japan are utilizing the examination as follows.
Details of Usage # of Universities
Formulation of class curricula with reference to the examination syllabus in part or in whole


Approval of credits


Implementation of examination preparatory courses


Exam fee subsidiaries, commendation of successful examinees, provision of incentive funds, etc.


Preferential treatment in entrance exams


Utilization in ITPEC Countries
Many companies are utilizing ITPEC Common Examination as their IT human resources development tool in ITPEC countries.
The examples of IT companies that utilize ITPEC Common Examination are shown below.
Utilization in Myanmar
Utilization in Myanmar
Other Companies Utilizing the Exam
Kyocera Document Solutions Dev't Phils. Inc.
Myanmar DCR Co., Ltd.
NEC Telecom Software Phils., Inc
Tsukiden Global Solutions, Inc.
Sun* Inc.